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How to workout on Holidays

How to workout on Holidays

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How to workout on holidays 🤔

Throughout last summer I have seen many posts regarding how people can stay on track with their nutrition, workout on holidays and how to ensure they will see no regression. Some I agree with some I don’t.

If you are in the lead up to a show/competition or body composition or fitness goal (like getting a 6 Pack) and want to keep everything moving forward, of course, continue with your training, continue with the nutrition that’s helping you work towards these goals.

If you are “The Average Joe”, in my opinion, this time should be used to unwind a little, especially on the nutrition side. Enjoy your vacation, as @vickycornick said in her most recent post, “train if you want to train”. Enjoy some meals out, have a few ice creams, consume a few drinks (if that’s what you’re into). Am I saying eat everything in sight and drink yourself into oblivion, obviously not?

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If you have been working hard all year, are you going to undo all the hard work you’ve put in while away for a week? Definitely not. It’s likely you will come home a few lbs heavier but nothing that can’t be quickly amended with a couple of weeks of tightening everything up on your return.

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