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How to train during Christmas

How to train during Christmas

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How to stay on course with your fat loss goals over Christmas 🎄

For most, there will be a large increase in social gatherings (work parties, nights out with friends, family events etc). It is important to attend and enjoy these, but with the correct approach if you wish to keep moving forward with your goals.

If attending events where there will be finger food, make sure you eat a high protein, high veg meal beforehand. This will ensure you are satiated, leaving you less likely to spend the evening nibbling on bits and pieces.

If you know you have a big night out planned on a Saturday, reduce your calories by 100-200 each day from Monday to Friday through carbs and fats. Increase your step count from Monday-Friday. This will give a small amount of leeway for the additional calories that may be consumed through alcohol on your night out.

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How to train during Christmas

Alcohol. Stick to clear spirits and calorie free mixers ✅ Avoid pints and cocktails ❌This will greatly decrease the calories you will consume through alcohol on the night. –

Training 💪 There is no excuse to slack off on your training. Most gyms are only closed one or two days over the Christmas period. –

If you can stick to these simple tips, there is no reason you can’t have a great Christmas and stay on track with your fat loss goals ✌️

Jake BeirneHow to train during Christmas
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