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How To Get A 6 Pack

How To Get A 6 Pack

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A few steps on how to get a 6 pack

If achieving a 6 Pack is one of your current goals, there are two main areas you need to focus on and a few other things to take into consideration.

  1. Achieving a low enough body fat where your abs are now visible.
    You can do this by consuming fewer calories than you are expending (calorie deficit). It is important to recognize the result will not come overnight and it is likely this needs to be done for a significant period. This period of time being dependent on your starting body composition. If you are relatively lean, of course, it will take you less time than someone who has a larger amount of body fat to lose.
  2. Training your abdominals.
    It is important to train your abs to build muscle tissue in that region. This will make a significant difference to how they look when you become lean and they are now visible. You should train your abdominals just like you would any other muscle group, looking for continuous progression. This can be done in many ways, dependent on the exercise. A couple of examples of progression are adding weight to the exercise, added reps to the exercise or increased time under tension during the exercise
How to get a 6 Pack - Jake Beirne Fitness - Personal Trainer South Dublin

Considerations for a 6 Pack

Many are unaware you cannot spot reduce body fat. This essentially means you cannot pick an area you want to lose more body fat from than others. Many will think by training their abs more than other body parts, it will help to lose more fat in that area than other regions. This, unfortunately, is not the case. Your body fat will be reduced evenly throughout your whole body through time spent in a negative energy balance.

That being said, everyone is different. Different people will hold more body fat in certain areas than others. For example, “Mary” may hold higher levels of body fat on and around her stomach, hips, and bum, while having relatively lean arms. “Betty” may have a higher level of body fat on her arms but have quite a flat stomach. If you hold higher levels of fat around your stomach, you will simply need to bring down your overall body fat further, to get your stomach to where you want.

For more information on this, I would be happy to offer a Free Consultation to assess your goals, create a structured workout plan and help with your nutrition. Book a free consultation today.

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