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How to train while on Holidays

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How to train on Holidays?

What’s the best way to go about it? Continue to train as usual? Continue to focus on your nutrition and ensure your progress while away? Scrap it all, and eat and drink what you want?

The answer, in my opinion, whatever way you want. If you have a wedding coming up, a debs dress you want to fit into, a 40th birthday you want to look good for, want to get a 6 Pack, a big match coming up, a bodybuilding show, etc, by all means, continue your training, hit your step count, try to stay focused on your nutrition, no problems there.

Training while on Holidays

If you have been training hard for the last year, have been on the ball for the best part with your nutrition, have been making consistent progress, are you going to throw it all away by taking a break from training for the week, drinking a few cocktails and eating a few deserts? Absolutely not. (That’s not to say sit on the couch for the week and eat everything in sight obviously).

Maybe you could go in between the two options. Whatever you choose to do, own it, enjoy it and do not regret it. 

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Jake BeirneHow to train while on Holidays

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