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Too lazy to lose weight

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Too lazy to lose weight – Today’s thoughts

Before I began as a Personal Trainer, it was my opinion that everyone that was overweight or just simply not as healthy, fit, or ‘in shape’ as they would like to be were just too lazy to lose weight, simple as. Over the last few years I have realised, that is far from the case and I was completely wrong.

The majority of the clients I have worked with over the years are individuals who feel they have tried everything they can in terms of training and nutrition but have never gotten the results they have wanted or deserved. This taught me to listen to each of my clients, understand their concerns, their thought process and what they want to achieve, a major life lesson for me and a skill I will hone.

Too lazy to lose weight - Jake Beirne Fitness - Personal Trainer South Dublin

There is a huge amount of inaccurate information, money-hungry programs/services/products online. If you are not somebody who has a large interest in the area, it can often be very difficult to distinguish what is fact and what is fiction. Added to that, the many myths surrounding health and fitness heard from friends and family (who mean well), add to the confusion of what exactly it is you need to do to achieve the goals you want.

If you have been spinning your wheels or not progressing towards your goals, maybe it is time to outsource some help. I highly recommend that everyone should invest in a Personal Trainer at some stage in their lives, to understand the correct movements, risk of injury, nutritional education and realistic goal setting. If you want to learn the benefits of a Personal Trainer, see here, or if you would like to sign up, click the image below.

5 reasons to invest in a personal trainer

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Jake BeirneToo lazy to lose weight

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