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Jake Beirne Fitness – Personal Trainer

My goal is simple. To help empower as many males and females in Dublin as possible and make a genuine change to their lives for the better. To me, there is no better feeling. I have helped countless individuals thus far and am hungrier than ever to help many many more!

I know the gym can be an intimidating place for many. It is part of my mission to ensure I provide my clients with an atmosphere where they are comfortable, can train hard and greatly enjoy their training. This is what makes it sustainable.

How to know if my services are suitable for you?

Have you spent years in and out of the gym, making little progress and unsure of what it takes to build your dream body? Have you tried every nutrition approach under the sun but can’t seem to find one that works for you? Are you a complete beginner? Are you ready to get started on your fitness journey but unsure about where to begin? Have you been able to lose weight, but unable to find a sustainable approach to keep it off permanently? Do you lack energy and focus in your job? Have you had an injury, want to get back into the swing of things but are worried about becoming injured again or unsure of what you should or should not be doing? Do you have the best intentions but lack the motivation and support structure to keep you going?

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, I can help you. I know exactly what it takes to help you become the best version of yourself.

Jake Beirne Fitness is a unique approach to personal training, by taking into consideration your work schedule, home commitments, physical condition among other factors. Jake Beirne, Personal Trainer and the founder of Jake Beirne Fitness, has taken his experience of being an athlete training for sport 3-4 times a week while studying and working in the industry. Jake has created a personal training system which combines scientific knowledge of nutrition with the way individuals react to exercise.


Private, Group Personal Training and Nutrition Service. Tailored towards ensuring you achieve your health, body and performance goals.

Personal Training 1-1

1 Hour Training Sessions
2/3 Training Sessions per week
Individualized Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan
Continuous guidance, encouragement, and accountability via email and text

Expect lots of attention to details. I will provide the perfect plan to ensure you reach your goals.

Group Training

Small groups of 2/3
1 Hour Training Sessions
Individualized Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan
Continuous guidance, encouragement, and accountability via email and text

Ideal for those whom 1-1 training is outside their budget but still want to achieve amazing results. As the groups are kept small the attention to detail is still extremely high.

Nutrition Service

Nutrition can be incredibly confusing. Now more so than ever, there is a huge quantity of conflicting information scattered online. This is where I am here to help.

All nutrition programs are individualized and tailored to suit both your goals and your lifestyle. It is extremely important to me that my clients find their nutrition enjoyable and sustainable. I know exactly how to do that for you. There is no weighing of food and a huge variety of food choices.

Coaching Through COVID-19

5 Sessions A Week
No equipment needed
Free Personalized Nutrition Plan
Free Jake Beirne Fitness Recipe Book
Guidance and Accountability Through Private Members Facebook Group
25% Off First Month of Semi Private Coaching with Jake Beirne Fitness

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The Team

Jake Beirne Personal Trainer

This man is beyond dedicated to his craft and is constantly learning and perfecting his skills. After years playing sports like tennis and hockey competitively, he delved into a personal training course and has attended numerous seminars across the UK and Ireland. He’s devoted to sharing his knowledge of nutrition and anatomy with other people hoping to better themselves.

Jake Beirne Personal Trainer

After years of playing competitive sport, my own training, working with clients and consistent progression in my own education, I have learned what it takes to build a healthy, strong, fit mind and body. I help clients to achieve this while feeling amazing, using a sustainable approach.

I take great pride and happiness out of watching clients become happier and more confident in their own skin.

It is my goal to build clients confidence, increase their knowledge on training and nutrition and to build healthy lifestyle habits so that over time, they can train on their own.

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